Little Bassa Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Since 2012, Sea Turtle Watch, Liberia has been working with coastal communities in the Little Bassa area. Over the years, the project's progress has been very encouraging because to a larger extent, the local communities are cooperating with the project. The communities have granted us access to the beach, they no longer walk the beach to kill nesting turtles and dig out their eggs and importantly they are been trained and are participating in the monitoring activities. Sea turtle hunting and poaching is now a thing of the past for a majority of the coastal communities within the region.

Our goal is to partner with coastal communities to protect endangered sea turtles that are occurring within the area. We are working to reach a point where coastal communities are able to manage and take ownership of the conservation program, thereby allowing them to manage their own resources. Coastal communities, on the other hand, should benefit from sea turtles that are occurring on their beaches. In return for communities' cooperation, the project contributes to small-scale community development projects that are proportional to conservation.

The project is being financially supported by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS International Affairs) and the Rufford Small Grants Foundation (UK).