Leatherback Bycatch Mortality Reduction Program

Leatherback bycatch in Cestos.
An entangled leatherback captured by fishermen in Cestos, Rivercess County. Photo credit: Ciapha Abule of SAMFU


This project will implement a community-based leatherback bycatch monitoring programs in three counties, as well as education and outreach activities in fifteen coastal communities involving approximately 300 fishermen, hunters and poachers. The project is anticipating to work with artisanal fishers to monitor bycatch and provide training for safe turtle release.

The goal is to reduce the widespread slaughter and consumption of leatherback sea turtles in high-bycatch areas without conservation programs. It will be implemented jointly with the Save My Future (SAMFU) Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Bureau of Fisheries and the Liberian National Coast Guard.

The project is currently been supported by the NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM - Marine Conservation Action Fund (Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life).