What We Do

STW programs work towards improving the conservation status of sea turtles in Liberia. Our programs are collectively integrated and include monitoring, researching & Training, conservation awareness & sensitization, and local community development. 

Monitoring, Research & Training

STW works in partnership with the coastal communities to protect nesting turtles and monitor the nests on the beaches. Community volunteers are hired and trained to collect data on nesting female turtles, their nests, and data on stranded turtles/bycatch caught up in fishing nets. STW is working to establish marine turtle sanctuaries along the coastline at important green and hawksbill nesting grounds in Liberia. 

Conservation Education & Sensitization

Raising the awareness of the locals for the conservation education and sensitization are very essential to our work. Without education and sensitization about the importance of biodiversity conservation, our program would not be as successful as it is along the Liberian Bassa Coastline. Education program targets coastal communities, local markets and local primary schools. 

Community Development

Over the years, the STW team has been working in partnership with coastal communities and local fisheries. This has shown that it does not only reduce the threats faced by sea turtles and their nests but moreover enhances sea turtle beach monitoring and data collections. Our work with the communities include but not limited to the provision of safe water supply, contribution to community construction projects and school supplies, and mostly importantly annual hiring of local monitors who are all ex-hunters and poachers within the communities.