Known Species in Liberia

There are seven sea turtle species in the world; they include the leatherback, the green turtle, the hawksbill, the olive ridley, the Kemp’s ridley, the loggerhead and the flatback sea turtles. They have existed and travelled in the world’s oceans for over 100 million years. Excluding the flatback sea turtles that are found only in Australia, all other species are known to occur in the Atlantic Ocean.

During October through June, many adult female sea turtles come ashore to nest in Liberia. There are records of four sea turtle species nesting on beaches in Liberia and they include the LEATHERBACK, OLIVE RIDLEY, HAWKSBILL and the GREEN Turtles. There are reports of LOGGERHEADS spotted on the beaches in Grand Cape Mount County, but studies have not confirmed the nesting by this species in Liberia.

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The Loggerheads - there are no physical evidence of loggerheads presence in Liberia. There are rumors of loggerheads nesting in Grand Cape Mount County south-west of Liberia, but our team has not verify this information. Loggerheads are also presence in neighboring Sierra Leone according to the Reptile and Amphibian Program. Information about loggerheads will be posted here once this has been verify by our team in the near future.