Feasibility Study: Assessing Coastal Forests Around Little Bassa

Recently, the Rainforest Trust approved a small grant for a rapid feasibility study of the coastal forest around Little Bassa and nearby villages. The study is intended to ascertain the feasibility of the creation of new community marine turtle reserves in Little Bassa. It will be conducted in partnership with the Save My Future (SAMFU) Foundation.

During this joint initiative, the main activities will involve
- interviews with local hunters and farmers within the area
- community meetings and forum discussions with local traditional leaders
- meetings with relevant government agencies
- and most importantly, conducting a rapid biological survey of the surrounding forest, rivers, creeks and lagoons that are closer to the beach.

The rapid biological survey will be carried out to establish the presence or abundance of other Critically Endangered (CR) or Endangered (EN) species within the target area.

Rainforest Trust helps protect threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife by partnering with local and community organizations in and around vulnerable areas. Through highly effective partnerships, they ensure sustainable results necessary for the long-term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold.